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After listening to their praise of the officers one morning, Mr Bennet said coolly, 'From what I can see, you must be two of the silliest girls in the country. I've suspected it for some time, but now I'm convinced.'


解析:convinced 确信的、深信的

eg: He is convinced that she could make him happy.


Kitty was embarrassed and did not reply, but Lydia, the youngest, continued to express her admiration for a certain Captain Carter, with perfect indifference.


解析:embarrassed 尴尬的、窘迫的

eg: Jim was embarrased for making such a big mistake.


indifference 漠不关心、冷淡;相应的形容词形式为 indifferent

eg: Everyone can feel his indifference.


'I am very surprised, my dear,' said Mrs Bennet, 'that you should be so ready to think your own children silly. As it happens, they are all very clever.'


'That is the only point, I think, on which we do not agree. I am afraid I must say that I consider our two youngest daughters unusually foolish.'


'My dear Mr Bennet, you mustn't expect such young girls to have the common sense of their father or mother. I remember when I used to like a red coat myself, and indeed I still do. If a good-looking officer with five or six thousand a year wanted to marry one of my girls, I wouldn't turn him down. And I thought Colonel Forster looked very handsome last night at Sir William's, in his regimental uniform.'


解析:expect 期望、指望、预期;其名词形式为expectation

eg: I never expect that you will come.


turn down 拒绝、回绝

eg: Why did you turn down his invitation?


Just then a servant entered with a note for Jane, which had come from Netherfield. Mrs Bennet's eyes shone with pleasure and she called out eagerly, while her daughter was reading it, 'Well, Jane, who is it from? What does he say? Tell us, tell us quickly, my love!'



The girls were delighted and agreed at once to this arrangement, and the whole group walked back to Longbourn, happily discussing the enjoyable evening they were going to have. Mr Collins had been very impressed with Mrs Philips'politeness, and when they reached Longbourn, he complimented Mrs Bennet on her sister's elegance and charming manners.


解析:arrangement 安排、布置、整理

动词原形为arrange 安排、排列、整理

eg: What do you think of this arrangement ?


be impressed with 对……印象深刻

eg: I'm impressed with all steps of the process.


The next evening the carriage took him and his five cousins to Meryton, and the girls had the pleasure of hearing, as they entered the hall, that Mr Wickham had accepted their uncle's invitation, and was at that moment in the house.


解析:invitation 邀请、邀请函

eg: I have sent them a formal invitation.


When Mr Collins was shown into the sitting-room, and had time to look around and admire it, he said immediately to Mrs Philips, 'Madam, I must compliment you on the size and furniture of this room Really, I could almost imagine myself in the smaller summer breakfast room at Rosings!'


解析:compliment 恭维、称赞,可以作名词也可作动词

eg: Her guests complimented her on her cooking.


This remark did not at first please his hostess very much, but when she heard from him what Rosings was, and who its owner was, and how much Lady Latherine's furniture cost, she realized what a great compliment it was. During the evening Mr Collins found Mrs Philips a kind and attentive listener, which was fortunate, as the Bennet girls could not bring themselves to listen to him any longer.



9 Elizabeth in Derbyshire

9 伊丽莎白在德比郡

During the week before the regiment's departure, all the young ladies in the Meryton area became extremely depressed. Only the two elder Miss Bennets were still able to eat, drink, sleep and lead a normal life. They were often scolded by Kitty and Lydia, who could not understand such hard-heartedness.


解析:departure 离开、出发

eg: May I have your arrival and departure dates?


depressed 沮丧的、情绪低落的

eg: When depressed, he always sings this song to encourage himself.


'How shall we manage without the officers!' they cried miserably. 'How can you smile like that, Lizzy?'


解析:miserably 痛苦地、难受地、可悲地

eg: The millionaires are only a minority, but most people live miserably.


Their affectionate mother shared all their sadness. 'I remember when Colonel Millar's regiment went away, twenty-five years ago,' she said, 'I thought my heart was broken.'


'I'm sure mine will be broken,' said Lydia.


'If we could only go to Brighton!' said Mrs Bennet. 'I'm certain a little sea-bathing would be good for me.'


'Oh yes! But Papa is so disagreeable about it.'


Elizabeth tried not to listen, but could not help seeing the justice of Darcy's objections to her family.


解析:objection 反对、异议

动词形式是object 反对、拒绝;object作名词意思为目标、物体

eg: The defense attorney's objection was overruled by the judge.



12 Elizabeth and Darcy

12 伊丽莎白和达西

One morning, about a week after Bingley had proposed to Jane, a carriage arrived outside Longbourn House. Elizabeth, Kitty and their mother were in the sitting-room, when suddenly the door was thrown open, and their visitor entered. It was Lady Catherine de Bourgh.


They were all extremely astonished. Mrs Bennet, flattered to have such an important visitor, received her with great politeness. After sitting for a moment in silence, Lady Catherine said very stiffly to Elizabeth, 'I hope you are well, Miss Bennet. That lady, I suppose, is your mother. And that, I suppose, is one of your sisters.'


解析:astonished 吃惊的、惊讶的

eg: It astonished me to learn that she was dead.


stiffly 呆板地、生硬地

eg: His father turned, the wiry figure walking a little stiffly.


Elizabeth replied that she was correct in thinking so. Lady Catherine rose and said, 'I would like to have a walk in your garden, Miss Bennet, if you would accompany me.'


解析:accompany 陪伴、伴随

eg: Please accompany me on my walk.


'Go, my dear,' cried Mrs Bennet. 'Show her ladyship the different walks, I'm sure she will like them.'


As they passed through the hall, Lady Catherine opened the doors into the different rooms, looked in, and declared them to be reasonable-looking rooms. They went into the garden in silence. Elizabeth was determined to make no effort at conversation with a woman who was being more than usually rude and disagreeable.


解析:declare 宣布、声明、发表意见

eg: The governor declared a state of emergency.


make efforts 努力、作出努力

eg: Only if we make efforts, we will obtain the happiness.


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